Thoughts on life in Christian community from Pastor Travis

Did you know?   The words “synonymous” and “odyssey” come together to make the word “synod.”

At the very heart of the word synod is the understanding that the followers of Christ are on a shared journey that will inevitably leave us changed by the experience.  More often than not, we do not see the transformation that takes place as we live our lives of faith together. Just like the two men who encountered the risen Christ along the road to Emmaus at the end of Luke’s gospel, we are changed when we encounter the risen Christ in our lives.  We are emboldened by the Holy Spirit to share the Good News of Jesus with the world.

On May 18 and 19, more than 400 voting members of the Southeastern Iowa Synod gathered in Coralville for the annual Synod Assembly.  We heard multiple stories of how we (individuals, congregations, ELCA Synods and ELCA Churchwide) are able to accomplish more together than going it alone.  Mikka McCracken, Director of Planning and Engagement with ELCA World Hunger, and Bishop Julian Gordy of the ELCA Southeastern Synod shared important reminders of the many ways that Lutherans in Iowa participate in the greater Church in the world. A reminder that small choices made by many people make a big impact in the world.  

On the business side of things, those who gathered considered, discerned and adopted a new structure for Synod governance that allows the Synod to more fluidly meet the demands and realities of being Christ’s Church today.  Since its inception the Church has been one of change led by the Holy Spirit, and these steps are part of the work to be faithful to our calling as the Church in the world.

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Even at Trinity, we are changed by the journey that we share as part of the body of Christ.  Our relationship with the Synod allows us to be involved with ministries that would not be possible for us to do on our own.  Our connection with the ELCA allows us to be part of something much greater than our individual church in the world.

I invite you to think about a person or experience that was important in your journey of faith and consider how that is part of the bigger Church of Christ in the world.  It is in those experiences that we encounter Jesus along the road of life.

In His Service,
Pastor Travis