Our Faith Statement:
We are Trinity: Created by God, Renewed by Christ,
Transformed by the Spirit, to Share God's Love.

Pastor Michelle's office hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (by Appointment); Wednesday 1pm-3pm.
Please call 319-845-2636 or email to schedule an appointment:

Office Administrator Cindy Anderson has office hours: Tuesday 11am-5pm, Wednesday 10:30am-4pm & Thursday 11am-3pm. (all hours subject to change without notice) cindy.anderson@tlcwalford.com

· If you are seeking a place to explore your faith, and worship Christ, come. If you are wondering what God is up to in the world, come. If you are unsure if church is for you, come. You are a beloved child of God.

Join us for Worship at 9:00am every Sunday for in person worship or you may

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church in Walford. You can register your children anytime for Sunday School. We have several opportunities for learning and worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please register your kids for Sunday School!

Our Sunday School Calendar includes all of our activities through Christmas for you to reference. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Sharon or Tammy.



November Calendar Dates

2 Worship and Confirmation 6pm

3 Bible Study at 6:30pm (Zoom)

6 Worship 9am - Rev. Kathryn Franzenburg

7 Bible Study at 2:30pm (TLC)

7 Worship Committee 5:30pm

9 Worship and Confirmation 6pm

10 Bible Study at 6:30pm (Zoom)

13 Worship 9am, Milestone for Sunday School 10:15am

14 Bible Study - Lunch together, meet TLC at noon

14 Church Council Meeting 6:30pm - with Pr. Erika Uthe

16 Worship and Confirmation 6pm

17 Final Bible Study 6:30pm (Zoom)

20 Worship 9am & Celebrate our Gifts breakfast at 10am

23 Worship 6pm- NO CONFIRMATION

27 Worship 9am, Sunday School 10:15am

30 Advent Worship & Soup Supper

The TLC church council has revised the worship procedures as follows: members and visitors are welcome to wear a mask but they are not required - the CDC recommends unvaccinated persons wear a mask – please respect everyone’s choices so all feel comfortable.

We are singing hymns each Sunday. If you would like to sing please wear a mask while singing to protect those who cannot be vaccinated or who are immuno-compromised.

Please contact any council member listed below with questions or comments.

God’s peace be with you.

President Bud Lande, Vice President Joan Stearns, Secretary Karen Wacker, Treasurer LeeAnn Olson, Worship Lead Janet Plotz, Education Lead Tammy Frame, Property Lead Scott Schadle and Pastor Michelle Schultz.

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